Adventure Sports Podcast on long distance kitesurfing (July 2017)

I’ve been exploring the world of podcasts lately and this flourishing form of expression is very gratifying and inspiring. To use a model that I also use to describe various sports: writing is simple but difficult. Video is complicated and difficult. Speaking is simple and easy. Maybe radio/podcasting is [somewhat] complicated and yet easy?

In any case, there are podcasts about just about anything you can imagine, and in doing research for my own (!) I came across the Adventure Sports Podcast – and they asked me to be on the show!

Starting with the “beginner questions” about what kitesurfing is and how it works, at about 44:30 we move on to talk about my #longdistance #kitesurfing experience in Brazil and also about the deep connection between athletics and intuition and how being active in nature – especially over the course of a long athletic journey – can be a powerful way to train your intuition.

Thanks to Surfin Sem Fim, Boardriding Maui, Andre Penna, Marco Dalpozzo, Bill Plautz and the #longdistance pioneers like Louis Tapper for the inspiration.

Here’s the link to my episode of the Adventure Sports Podcast – or find it on your favorite podcast app and subscribe!