I first visited Brazil on a kitesurfing trip in 2008, and I’ve been doing kite trips there with with SurfinSemFim since 2015. Over these last few years I’ve traveled the entire northern coast of Brazil by kite, from Natal to Sāo Luís, and I’m now designing and leading custom trips in some of my favorite places along the way. In 2019 I’ll be leading the second edition of the kitesurfing adventure skills and leadership development trip that I developed last year. 


Kitesurfing Adventure Skills: Nov 30–Dec 7

As good as it feels to be good at something, it feels even better to get good at something. On top of that is the joy and satisfaction that we get from sharing our experiences with others through skilled leadership.

Kitesurfing Adventure Skills 2018 — photo: Analice Diniz

Ready to level up?

This trip is designed for adventurous riders who want to learn about adventure travel and on-the-water leadership in the context of a long distance kitesurfing trip. Kitesurfing Adventure Skills is designed to combine an incredible long distance kitesurfing experience with the opportunity to learn the skills you need to plan and guide your own adventure kiting trips, opening a window to a new world of adventure.

Kitesurfing Adventure Skills guide Bowen Dwelle

We’ll meet on Saturday November 30 in Barra Grande, which is a few hours by car from major airports in Fortaleza (FOR) and Sāo Luís (SLZ), and much closer to the small airport in Parnaiba (PHB). 

The following day we’ll leave Barra Grande and spend the next several days making our way towards and through the spectacular Parnaiba river delta. We’ll spend two nights there in the heart of the delta at Ilha dos Poldros before continuing on to Tutoia and then finally to Atins and a final day in the otherworldly Lençóis Maranhenses. Most people fly out of Sāo Luís (SLZ) when ending trips in Atins.

Kitesurfing Adventure Skills 2018 — photo: Analice Diniz

Your kitesurfing edu-cation

The itinerary is designed to include a combination of challenging days on the water and plenty of time for training, workshops and group discussion. Think if this trip as an edu-cation: vacation+education, and the schedule will be more rigorous than a vacation-only kite trip. The satisfaction and accomplishment that you will enjoy upon completion will more than compensate for the hard work that you’ll be putting in along the way.

Some of the skills that we will focus on will include:

  • Supported and unsupported travel by kite
  • Route finding and navigation 
  • Rescue and emergency skills
  • Harnessing Flow as a leader and as part of life outside

Along with leadership skills, this itinerary gives you exposure to a hugely varied landscape — from dunes and lagoons to the mangroves and rivers of the Parnaiba delta to the idyllic village of Atins and the incredible Lençois Maranhenses.

The Kitesurfing Adventure Skills trip will include include 8 days and 7 nights, traveling entirely on the water — a true kitesurfing journey, departing and arriving directly from beautiful small hotels along the way. The cost for the trip will be $3000 including accommodation, meals, guides, support vehicles, and training (but not including airfare or airport transfers).

Ilha dos Poldros in the Parnaiba delta

We’ll cover distances of up to 70+km on the water on some days of this trip. This multi-day, long distance journey is suitable for experienced kitesurfers with previous long distance experience and in good physical condition, with equipment in excellent condition.

Equipment: most riders use surf boards for these trips; twin-tips work fine as well. Many of us love to ride foil boards as well, but this is not a foil trip. Feel free to bring your foil to Brazil to use before and after the trip! 

How to join us

Please contact me directly for further information. You can also go directly to the SurfinSemFim site to book this trip.

Back story 

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A detailed spot guide to Brazil that Crystal Veness wrote up based on her 2018 trip with SurfinSemFim.

For more of a taste of where we’ll be headed, here’s a full-length documentary film that we shot in 2016 and released in 2017. 


Enjoy the vibe and I hope to see you in Brazil!

Kitesurfing Adventure Skills guide Bowen Dwelle