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Choose Freedom


Kitesurfing Adventure Skills is a unique program that I developed and led for the first time in 2018 on Brazil’s incredible northern coast. This program combines an intensive week-long long distance kitesurfing clinic with personal and leadership development. Much more than just a kite trip, we incorporate meditation, physical fitness, adventure and leadership skills, and integrated life skills: how to find and choose freedom and harness flow as a gateway to adventure.

Kitesurfing Adventure Skills Dec 2018 

I love language as an art form and t-shirts are a great medium. My second series of shirts is available here, and series 3 is coming soon!

WATCH THIS shirt from series two


I’m a brand ambassador, guide, and advisor for SurfinSemFimthe leading kitesurfing adventure travel company in Brazil and South America. SSF is affiliated with egroup hotels, which include the incredible Rancho do Peixe and Vila Kalongo.

I’ve been flying the beautiful, elegant and highly functional Boardriding Maui Cloud kites since they were introduced in 2013, and I’m a team rider and founder of the Cloudriders facebook group, a passionate and very active community.

EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization is a global nonprofit network of entrepreneurs whose mission is to engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow. I joined EO in 2009 and have served in various leadership roles including chapter president of EO San Francisco, at the global committee level, and as founder of Flow Forum.

The Battery – founded in 2014, the Battery is a social club in San Francisco. I joined as a member and in 2018 was invited to become a Creative/Athlete in Residence. I am one of the co-founders of the Battery Adventure Club.

Business and Entrepreneurship

My earliest work experience was delivering the SF Chronicle around the neighborhood. Even at that age, we had to buy the papers from the distributor, manage our own subscriptions, and collect the dough. I started my first company at age nine with my buddy Zack, we sold D&D books and dice to the other kids at school and I worked after school at age ten coding in dBaseIII.

From there I eventually found my way to an early career in software, and then in online media at WIRED in the late 90’s, during which time I started what became my first company, AdMonsters. After a long and winding road and many many conferences, I successfully sold AdMonsters to Access Intelligence in 2015. I continue to think and work as an advisor, investor, and entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship has been a key part of my own path to freedom. It’s hard to get outside if you’re in the office – join us, choose freedom!

Expertise and Subjects

Here are some of the topics that I have experience with, speak and write about, and enjoy discussing.

KitesurfingParagliding • Trail Running • Hydrofoils • Outdoor Sports

AdventureAdventure Travel • Geography • Languages

Entrepreneurship • FreedomIntuitionFlow

Community • Connection • Conferences • Designed Experiences

WritingLanguage • Branding • Communication 

YouthDepressionAlcohol and Drugs

I’m a proud San Francisco native and have lived all over the city, in particular in Noe Valley, the Mission, Potrero Hill, the Panhandle, North Beach, and now in Sausalito. I went to Alvarado, Nueva, Everett, Lowell, McAteer, and graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Geography.

There’s a reason the pioneers went west, and that California is called the Golden State. A passionate Californio, I’ve explored this beautiful place all my live, and while I know it intimately, I continue to discover new places here all the time.

I first discovered Brazil on a trip in 2008 and have been there perhaps ten times since then. Brazil is roughly similar to the U.S. in scale, population, and diversity of landscapes – and the most diverse country I’ve ever spent time in, with a warm, welcoming, curious, fun, active and vibrant culture. I love Brazil and now have many friends there, and I feel lucky to spend a month or more there most years.


– Bowen