Bowen Dwelle is an athlete, writer, speaker, and life coach.

Through his Second Sight coaching practice he helps others develop and use their intuition, find greater creative flow, change destructive habits, move past anxiety and depression, and overall to choose freedom. As a coach, writer, speaker and in life, Bowen’s highest calling is to tell the truth, both to share his own story honestly and transparently and to speak what is too rarely spoken.

A small portion of his writing appears right here on this site; most of it remains private as material for future publication.

As a life-long entrepreneur and a San Francisco native, Bowen remains connected to entrepreneurial projects in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

Further information can be found on his Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.


My earliest work experience was a paper route delivering the San Francisco Chronicle in Noe Valley. We were just kids, but it was a business—I had to buy the papers from the distributor, manage our own subscriptions, and collect the dough. I started my first company the following year at age nine with my buddy Zack, selling Dungeons & Dragons rule books and dice to the other kids at school. By the age of ten I was earning good money writing code after school.

From there I eventually found my way to an early career in software, and then in online media at WIRED in the late 90’s, during which time I started what became my first company, AdMonsters. After 15 successful years in business and many many (many!) conferences, I sold AdMonsters to Access Intelligence in 2015. Entrepreneurship has been a key part of how I chose freedom.


I’m an ambassador and guide for SurfinSemFimthe leading kitesurfing adventure travel company in Brazil. SurfinSemFim is affiliated with egroup hotels, which include the incredible Rancho do Peixe and Vila Kalongo.

I’ve been flying the unique, elegant and highly functional Boardriding Maui Cloud kites since they were introduced in 2013, and I’m a team rider and founder of the Cloudriders facebook group, an active community of fellow Cloud aficionados.

I’m a Creative in Residence at The Battery in San Francisco, a social club and community founded in 2014.

Expertise and Subjects

Here are some of the topics that I have experience with, speak and write about, and enjoy discussing.

KitesurfingParagliding • Trail Running • Hydrofoils • Outdoor Sports

AdventureAdventure Travel • Geography • Languages • Vanning

Entrepreneurship • FreedomIntuitionFlow

Community • Connection • Conferences • Designed Experiences

WritingLanguage • Branding • Communication 

YouthDepressionAlcohol and Drugs

I’m a proud San Francisco native and have lived all over the city, in particular in Noe Valley, the Mission, Potrero Hill, the Panhandle, North Beach, and in Sausalito. I went to Alvarado, Nueva, Everett, Lowell, McAteer, and graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Geography.


– Bowen