Bowen Dwelle


What I’m doing right now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)


I’m learning to write again. Mostly by just doing it, but also by taking classes, like the Jack Grapes Method Writing that I’m taking right now. I’m also forming a writing group.


Someone said something like: If you want to write, read. I read a lot, mostly nonfiction and memoir. Here’s my profile on Goodreads, and my own more static recommended reading list.

Currently reading

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Health and Fitness

I do yoga or pilates a few days a week, and I love trail running. I did a trail half marathon in January, and I’m aiming for a trail marathon this year—hopefully the Skyline to the Sea run on June 2.

Running in China Camp

I stopped drinking alcohol early last year, and that, along with yoga, regular exercise and flow, meditation, eating mostly plants and almost no sugar and drinking much less caffeine, has helped me to reduce the amount anxiety and depression that I feel. I’m still working on ending my life-long nail biting habit.


Paragliding is the most challenging activity that I’ve pursued. I just got my P4 certification, and I fly an Airdesign Rise 3 high-B wing. I’m planning on participating in a number of flying events this year, such as the Northern California XC/Sprint League, the Applegate Open, and maybe the Willi XC Challenge up in BC. I’d like fly more XC in the 50-100km range this year.

At 2600′ over Mt Tam, looking south towards launch and the San Francisco Bay


I still love kiting and the spring season is just starting to kick in here in San Francisco. If it’s sunny and windy enough to form whitecaps, come find me at Crissy Field!

Kitesurfing outside Mile Rock, looking back at the Golden Gate