Here Be Dragons podcast on the long distance experience (Sept 2017)

Did I say podcasting was easy? Not a chance. That said, it is easier than shooting a film! I was lucky enough to be one of the principal athletes in the SurfinSemFim film production last year in Brazil, and believe me, I was glad that my only job was to kitesurf 100+km every day!

I was interviewed on the awesome Here Be Dragons kitesurfing podcast the other day. On his show, Bjoern digs up the details on some of the most interesting kite destinations around the world, and I’ve learned a lot listening to his episodes about South Africa and Chile, to name a couple.

He asked me to be on the show to talk about my #longdistance #kitesurfing experiences in Brazil with Surfin Sem Fim. We did a trans-Atlantic simul-cast and worked our way through the 600km itinerary that we captured last year, talking about the landscape, the spots, the kiting, and the immersive experience of traveling by kite day-after-day down the coast of Brazil.

Thanks to Surfin Sem Fim, Boardriding Maui, Andre Penna, Marco Dalpozzo, Bill Plautz and the #longdistance pioneers like Louis Tapper for the inspiration.

Here’s the link to my episode of the Here Be Dragons podcast – or find it on your favorite podcast app and subscribe! Part 1 is out today, part 2 to follow next week — I hope you enjoy the show.