2018 Kitesurfing trips in Brazil

I first visited Brazil on a kitesurfing trip in 2008, and I’ve been doing kite trips there with with SurfinSemFim since 2015. Over these last few years I’ve traveled the entire northern coast of Brazil by kite, from Natal to Sāo Luís, and I’m now designing and leading custom trips in some of my most favorite places along the way.

For 2018 I’m introducing two very unique itineraries: a slower, friends & family-oriented trip Nov 25-29 ($1200) and a unique new kitesurfing adventure skills and leadership program Dec 1-8 ($2800).


These are both in addition to the full calendar of short-, medium- and long-distance kitesurfing trips that SurfinSemFim offers throughout the year, and all SurfinSemFim trips including my own will introduce you to the joy of travel by kite in Brazil, and to the global SurfinSemFim Tribe, a community of like-minded lovers of the life outside.

This is the first announcement of these trips, and the details are still in flux. Your feedback will be very important as we finalize both of these, so please don’t hesitate to indicate your interest!


SurfinSemFim group – photo Bruna Arcangelo Toledo


Want to join us in Brazil this year?

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    We will add you to the list and be in touch with further details and to answer any of your questions. Thank you for your interest in SurfinSemFim 2018 with Bowen Dwelle!

    Here is the full-length documentary film that we shot in 2016 and released in 2017.

    Also check out Bowen’s interview on the Tantrum kitesurf podcast discussing Kitesurfing Adventure Skills and have a look at the detailed spot guide to Brazil that Crystal Veness wrote up based on her recent trip with SurfinSemFim.

    Enjoy the vibe and I hope to see you in Brazil!