What I’m Reading — Jan 2023

A few things I’m reading, listening to, watching, using and learning this month.

Scott Britton, Brad Listi, Michael Mohr, Kim Stanley Robinson, Cedar Wright, Steven Pressfield, James Lee Burke, Charlie Engle, Amy Blackstone, Andy Johns, Liv Stratman, spicy garlic tofu, and Bigfoot porn!

A great interview with fellow paraglider pilot Cedar Wright — Very funny and honest profile of a great climber, paraglider pilot, author and film maker

North Dallas Forty — chapter 03 of memoir in progress

Steven Pressfield, GOVT CHEESE (his memoir)

It Took Me 34 Years To Understand My Ambition from Consciousness ∞ The Doorway to Human Evolution by Scott Britton

Rich Roll interviewing Rick Rubin on Rich Roll’s podcast 

How to Write Action, on otherppl with Brad Listi, a great literary podcast 

Wilderness = Metaphor by Steven Pressfield on his blog

Youth: A Short Story in Michael Mohr’s Sincere American Writing

BROTHERS AND TEACHERS E14 with legendary sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson

The Restless Ones, from 

Clues by Andy Johns — collab coming soon! 

Kim Stanley Robinson, 2312

Round File — chapter 02 of my memoir in progress

Kim Stanley Robinson, The High Sierra: A Love Story

A great recipe for spicy garlic tofu!

Kim Stanley Robinson, The Ministry For the Future

James Lee Burke, The Neon Rain — who recommended this to me? Excellent writing. 

Zoë Kors, Radical Intimacy — stay tuned for an interview with Zoë!

Charlie Engle, Running Man

#41 A lonely wolf in Recovering

Someone Else’s Discipline is just… Bullshit

Up In The Cave — chapter 01 of my memoir in progress

Amy Blackstone, Childfree by Choice

Quarter-20 Cap Screw

A great recipe for Tahini Oatmeal Cookies

BROTHERS AND TEACHERS EP13 my interview with Chris Ryan

Eco-porn and the Role of Sex in Environmentalism in Bigfoot’s Lover by Natalie Storey

“I can’t just decide to be somebody else.” from PART 4: CHOICE in a reason to live by Liv Stratman

I also recorded podcast episodes with Ashanti Branch and Galen Kirkpatrick, to be released sometime in February, and started putting out audio for my own memoir in progress

Thank you all for being here, and for your support!