Bowen Dwelle



My tee shirt designs (Series 2)

Series Two Shirts are now available I’ve continued to refine my messages as well as the designs. This series uses a specific typeface that I researched with the help of my old friend Colin Johnston. The mirror-image type design is intended to create a graphic element, and also to present the message equally to the wearer, along with the approaching reader. […]

Athletes are Artists

Most of us would say that art and sports don’t have much to do with each other – but I don’t think that’s true. While our intellectual self lives in the mind, our intuition lives in the body. This embodied self is the seat of creativity – and therefore of art. On the surface, we tend to think of athletes as physical […]

Do You Want Gold

In 2010 I was part of the production of a unique creative event and dinner for 200+ in New York called Do You Want Gold. This event was a fantastic example of the combination of art and business, and a unique and wonderful experience for everyone who participated.