Trees and Light

Running through the woodsstone fences melting into greenmy feet flying overtrees and lighttrees and light  At Lincolnville beach the rocks aresun-warm and hard to walk oncold water rising up my legsgrey mud squished between my toes  The old road leads to where / I’ve never been therethree steps nailed into the tree by the shedcorn… Continue reading Trees and Light

Take Me With You

I did not feel safe.I ran like I was on fire.Looking inward, I saw a pile of red sticks I could not feel your blood beating.I ranI ran in circlesI ran wildLooking inward, we were strangers I was running.I was crushed, red, and small.Feel the back of my headWhere the cracks are  Looking inward, I… Continue reading Take Me With You

Peaks of Glass

I’ve been chasingpeaks of glass. Sure of salt and sandand any destination,there’s still a shapeI’m searching for,and I know I’ll have to stretchto find it.  Sitting in the dark,eyes iced over,gasping for time,finding facesjust after waking— That green-skinned junkie trollwho drags his footalong the chain-link fence-boxover the roar of the highway— A German dominatrixfrom Martha’s… Continue reading Peaks of Glass