Bowen on the Jeff Schlarb podcast (Nov 2017)

Fellow Battery member, podcaster and top-notch interior designer Jeff Schlarb called me out of the blue and invited me in for an interview on his show. I’m very grateful for unexpected invitations like this, and I admire what Jeff is doing a lot.

San Francisco-based interior designer Jeff Schlarb

What’s his show about? As with my own podcast (that remains very much in development), his is quite simply a creative project — a work of art, really. ‘An opportunity to have interesting conversations,’ and it certainly was.

Thanks for the invitation, Jeff. It takes courage to open your door so widely — well done. I hope you all enjoy our conversation, and do check out the other episodes of his show, including SF supervisor Scott Wiener, chef Tyler Florence, choreographer Alonzo King, and restauranteur Anna Weinberg, among many others!