What Are You Drinking? online April 27, 2020

Nobody asked me, so I’m asking you: What Are You Drinking?

Join me online Monday April 27 at 10:30-11:30 AM PT for an honest conversation about drinking.

Many of us drink alcohol, and have done so for much of our lives. Drinking becomes normal, and yet, many of us find ourselves wanting to drink less—and not knowing quite how to change our patterns. Historically, our collective wisdom has treated alcohol as an untouchable—until it becomes a catastrophe. This either/or paradigm did not serve me, and likely does not serve you as a moderate, social, normal drinker.

If you’ve gotten the subtle message that you may want to change your relationship with alcohol, the good news is that change can be much easier than you think. The view from inside your current normal looks real, because it is—and what seems real and normal can also change quickly, and dramatically.

In this online version of one of my favorite workshops, we’ll explore the new context of wellness and neuroscience that is revolutionizing how many of us feel about drinking. Join us to explore this shift and learn what others have done to create a conscious relationship with—or without—alcohol.

Monday April 27 at 10:30-11:30 AM PT online FREE in partnership with Holistic Healer Collective and WellSet.

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