Change Everything on the Truth & Dare podcast

The view from Sausalito looking towards San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, and the City

I first met Camden Hoch at her yoga class one beautiful Sausalito morning. We started running into each other more often, saw that we had some common interests and ways of living, and she recently invited me for an interview on her Truth & Dare podcast.

I’m proud of this interview, and I had a great time talking with Camden. We covered a lot of ground, including

  • The 3 messages that led me to change everything in my life
  • How physical activity can awaken your intuition
  • Why nature is the first & ultimate inspiration
  • Bowen’s perspective on “obsolete” and what may be “obsolete” in your life & you’re so ready to be done with it
  • What happiness really is
  • How after living in anxiety & depression from my teens into my 40’s, I am now healthier at 49 than ever before: what I did and how you can too
  • My next Dare and my definition of Truth

You can also listen here on Overcast (my favorite podcast app).


Last day before summer vanning trip on the @fromthevan podcast

Recording @fromthevan #14, in the van!

HUGE props to Marty and Colette @fromthevan for the most fun I’ve ever had doing a podcast!

I found these two beautiful geniuses searching YouTube for other people #vanning in the #metriscampervan and they were so ultra cool to grasp the reality of my imminent departure from San Francisco, put the metal to the pedal and roll up on my home spot at Crissy Field for a wide-ranging conversation about geography, urban planning, paragliding, work, choosing freedom, how to “retire” early and often, overcoming depression, becoming #alcoholfree, writing and… #vanning. The timing could not have been more perfect as this was literally the last night I spent in my apartment, and began my van journey the following day. 

I just listened to the episode—there’s some good stuff in there and it’s even pretty funny! Still working on my stand-up act, and you’ll have to bear with my Cali radio voice, I sound a bit like @richroll meets The Dude. I’m proud of this one, give it a listen!

Here’s the audio podcast on Overcast and the video version on Youtube.

Marty’s silver Metris on the left and mine on the right.
One last kite session and a podcast at Crissy before I take off for the summer!

This little hawk

My breath is hot and fast in my own ears, words forming quicksilver in my mind. Waves of tension grip my body—and then wash past me, leaving my eyes wider than ever before, fixed on a hawk circling below me. Banking upwards, our wings caress the spring air, sensing and grasping the invisible vines that we swing from and climb to towers in the sky.

This little hawk, is his mind on fire like mine? It seems unlikely, but then again, this is the world the hawk is born to, breathing pure electricity, no questions, no separation, a mote in the wind and also its master, and so he must be burning alive.

For me in this moment the heat is unbearable. It seems that any moment my very self will explode from my body out into the sky—and then I gulp some air, inhale deeply, slow my heartbeat, and reach out, opening my arms, and my soul returns to my body, taking in the view. The green hills below are framed by tendrils of cloud at my fingertips.