That Awkward Moment Jan 29, 2020 at The Battery

IT CAN BE WAY MORE FUN THAN YOU THINK  Life is full of awkward moments. Especially when it comes to interacting with new people…and super-especially for people we might be attracted to. (Uh…high-school anyone?) Our brain freezes, we turn away, or we distract and dull ourselves with things like small talk, gadgets, drugs, and alcohol.… Continue reading That Awkward Moment Jan 29, 2020 at The Battery

Introducing Second Sight Coaching

Your intuition needs you I was inspired to become a coach to share my experience as a creative person, an athlete, an entrepreneur, and with anxiety, depression, alcohol — and with discovering the power of my intuition. Second Sight helps creatives and entrepreneurs—and anyone who wants to be more creative—change unhealthy habits, make alcohol obsolete, gain… Continue reading Introducing Second Sight Coaching